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Boston Red Sox 2018 offense is on a historic pace

Thursday 12 July, 2018 | RSS Feed

Boston Red Sox 2018 offense is on a historic pace

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The 2018 Boston Red Sox are, arguably, the best offense in the game. They lead MLB in runs scored with 502. That’s good for a 24 run lead on the second place Houston Astros and 37 ahead of the New York Yankees.

By R/G it’s 5.40, which again leads baseball. The Yankees, who were expected to lead the pack, are second at 5.17 and the Astros come in at 5.09. By virtually any measure, the Red Sox are way ahead of what anyone expected this season given their 2017 output. First in AVG, third in OBP, first in SLG and they come in at a staggering second in HR hit.
That’s staggering because they finished 27th in HR, 26th in SLG and 13th in OBP last season. The offense just wasn’t that good, despite scoring the 10th most runs in baseball. Their base running helped them to outperform their peripherals, but it could only do so much. And that lack of offense certainly hurt them in the playoffs, among other issues.

How did they address their offensive woes? They added one of the best hitters in the game in J.D. Martinez and brought in a new hitting coach in Tim Hyers. Hyers was part of the team of coaches that turned the Los Angeles Dodgers around from 2016 to 2017. They went from a league average team for R/G and HR, and a slightly below league average team for SLG and OBP to one of the better OBP and SLG teams and well above average in HR and R/G.

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